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Mass Effect

Argh! Ew! Eep!

There was a silverfish in the bath this morning.

Silverfish are horrible and I hate them. The only other insect I hate is the cranefly. Messrs. Silverfish and Cranefly are horrible in their own unique and ghastly ways.

So, like a massive quim, I asked Cariad to silverfish the offending evil out of the bath while I hopped from foot to foot and generally acted a bit daft. But why? In the interests of know thy enemy, I did a little Wiki-fu on the silverfish. And maybe I'm not so irrational after all...

Firstly, look at them. A photo cannot do these creatures justice. It's the way they move, all slippery and silky and slick. Like mercury diarrhea with legs.

Secondly; 'Silverfish can also cause damage to books, tapestries, and textiles....
By all means take the tapestries. The textiles, even. But not the books! Anything but that, you silvery heathen gits!

Another point; they turn me into one of those annoying bints who screams and flaps her hands over something small as an aphid. I love insects. I cherish their very existence. Why must the silverfish degrade me so?

And lastly (but most beastly) '...they also have a bite which may cause irritation but has no long term effects'.
Yes, the little shitlings can bite.

My hate is now justified. Rejoice.

In other news, '30 Days of Night' is not very good. 'Black Sheep' is entertaining Peter Jackson lite. Mario Party 8 is both boring and compelling.

Thank you.


the mercury diarrhea comment - oh sweet jeebus, i have to remember that. and i don't know what a cranefly is, but i'm terrified of the horrible millipedey spidery things that are abundant here in PA. they're like the 28 Days Later zombie superversion of spiders - they're fast as all hell and i'm convinced that they have little red eyes and are come for my brain...