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Mass Effect



I think my favourite part about this is you have the same hairstyle in caricature as I do, as seen at the bottom of this comic by a friend. I'm pretty easily amused.
Curly hair - an MS painter's dream.

P.S. That 'L' will haunt my dreams.
Yeah, that was about how I felt. He got everyone else down pretty well, it was so painful to see what he did to Mat.
I banged out a huge rant about this a few weeks back then lost it when my PC went kerplooey. This sums it up more eloquently, I think.

Genuinely though, I am gutted. I mean, how? How could such a self-confessed fan like Sanderson get it so wrong? It's no secret Mat's the heart of the series for me, so to see him so massively assassinated still bloody smarts. Urg. Arg. Nope - it's still too soon for coherency.