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Well, I was supposed to be researching the natural history of Helarctos malayanus; but hey, making new friends is more important than imminent assignment deadlines, right? Right?!

I also planned to do some exercise. Help me out:

Should I flail to a workout DVD?

1. Yes, you lazy shit.
2. For the love of God, no! Life's too short!
3. Why not eat another day-old Sunday dinner?
4. A dog is sitting on your foot, therefore removing the possibility for exercise.
5. You are in a room. Somewhere, water is dripping. The exit is EAST.

ETA: Is eljay's poll-creator borked? 'Cause this poll looks borked.

EETA: Yeah, it's borked.


go EAST.
It is dark. The sound of dripping is louder. You are likely to be eaten by a grue.
push dog east
go back to chair
Holy shit - my dog's been eaten by a grue!
damn you need some grue fighting items, im all out.
I choose You Pikachu...oh not an option ok
the dog is on your foot therefore removing the possibility of exercise sounds like a plan to me
Must pet the doggy therefore working arms which is exercise *nods*
Sage advice! Both dog and I are pleased with this outcome :)
You just described my workout philosophy!

I added a #6. Showering takes too much time after the workout and I have to be somewhere...