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Blitherings of a Repressed Spleen


25 April
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I like all sorts of cakk, from books, films, games, monotremes, and general whatnotery. I also like giggling at nonsense, ranting at all manner of shite, and occasionally posting on lj.

Oh, and one more thing - like fictional characters? In unhealthy ways? Pleased to meet you; we'll get on just fine!
80's cartoons, agro, benny, bevier, big train, bizenghast, blue cheese, blur, boardwalk empire, books, boozing, boys for pele, braindead, bruce campbell, caravaggio, cartoons, charlies (shake 'em), childfree, childhood sweethearts, childishness, clouds, colossi, cornwall, cuthbert allgood, dali, de chirico, deities, demyelination, dexter, doctor who, dogs, dragons, ds, dungeons and dragons 'toon, eric the shiny cavalier, evil dead, fallout 3, family, fanfiction, films, flailing, freesias, fruit, fujiko mine, futurama, gambit, gaming, garrus vakarian, garth marenghi's darkplace, ghouls, gorey, grosse point blank, guinness, guybrush threepwood, herbal tea, herbie-san, highwaymen, hoodoo voodoo, horror, howl, humanists, ico, insects, j k rowling, jaffa cakes, jasper fforde, jeff buckley, jherek carnelian, joanne harris, john cusack, john fowles, lacrimosa, leaving fics unfinished, literature, lost, lupin iii, lupinxfujiko, magritte, marmite, mass effect, mat cauthon, matxegwene, melanie rawn, michael moorcock, miyazaki, modern toss, movies, nature, new vegas, nintendo, nucky, old buildings, peter jackson, phoenix wright, pink floyd, plath, plue, pocket coffee, poisons, poppy-dog, ps2, ps3, pubs, radiohead, rats, reading, reeves and mortimer, robert jordan, setras, shadow of the colossus, shaun of the dead, sideways, silliness, silver, simon pegg, sims2, siocled, skiving, snakes, snoozing, soul calibur, spaced, sporks, stephen king, synaesthesia, tarantino, the dark tower, the end of time, the killers, the listeners, the mighty boosh, the princess bride, the walking dead, torchwood, tori amos, u2, unirally, villains, vince noir, wales, wanda, westies, wheel of time, wii, woohoo, writing, wyld stallyns, yoga, yorda, zombies charlie brooker